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Corporate Team

Corporate Team

ASL has long realized that the business of logistics is not just about providing services. It is more about the people who are behind these services.

With this in mind, ASL right since inception has nurtured a team that is today the ASL one of its fast-paced growth.

At the forefront is a team of directors who provide ASL with a far ranging vision and able leadership. The Directors have distinguished themselves at the highest levels of customs certifications including the partners/Directors examination which is conducted by the Customs Department of the Government of India. They have brought to ASL their rich and intensive industry experience in local, as well as, global markets. Blending marketing expertise, financial acumen and a thorough knowledge of customs law they have successfully steered ASL from one exciting phase of growth to the next. Today, this core leader team participates in industry forums and contributes actively to decisions shaping the Indian logistic industry.

Adding further edge to the growth plans is the ASL managing team. Composed of professionals, well versed in the art of providing "service with solutions", the team is an exciting blend of experience and youth. Virtually handpicked on merit, the team has brought to every facet of functioning a very polished, professional yet personal touch.

This team constantly keeps abreast of latest changes and is very techno savvy too. Consequently, every decision is an informed decision and made putting the interest of the customers first. Today team ASL is composed of over 275 well trained and experienced professionals.

Their knowledge of local conditions, practices and regulations, helps ensure smooth handling of Cargo. Every function is responsibly managed and the response time is virtually the best in the industry. Courteous and proactive, they have been able to establish an excellent rapport with not just customers, but also with important officials and government authorities at every level. They form a well informed team, trained to observe, analyze, and report market trends & scenarios to the Customers.

This work style has made associating with ASL a very pleasing and rewarding experience for all clients. ASL is now poised to go from Strength to Strength.

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